Table of Contents Chapter 28 28.2 Interrogative phrases of type b) in German

Chapter 28: Interrogative Phrases

  28.2 Interrogative phrases of type b) in German

The interrogative pronouns are more or less the same like in English. And if we leave some minor insignificant differences aside, the use is also the same. As we have already seen more than once (the problems repeat themselves as always in the history of mankind), e.g. in the chapter of possessive pronouns, there are two types of pronouns. Adjectival pronouns and substantival pronouns, which means that they can be used either like an adjective or like a noun. And they have to be declined. We have already said that Germans really love to decline and if other people just love to sing and dance and eat and drink, we Germans just love to decline everything that comes in our way. Inevitably now follows the declination of the interrogative pronouns.